“To me singing is the most beautiful    way to express myself to others.” Mezzo Soprano ANJARA BARTZ
Copyright 2015 Anjara Bartz Photos © Thilo Beu & Lilian Szokody Impressum Discover more about Anjaras work Recorded & filmed Discography & Media Have a look at Anjara on stage Scenic moments captured in Photoshots Gallery “Anjara Bartz plays a power-conscious Herodias with a  well balanced and good sounding mezzo voice...” Premiere “Salomé” at the Opera Bonn April 08, 2015  I  General-Anzeiger, Bonn Press & Reviews Get an overview about the repertory of Anjara Bartz “The roles you play become your public image.” Repertoire Get in touch with the story of Anjara Check out the Biographie of Anjara Bartz About Anjara Bartz plays “Golde” in the musical Anatevka March 13, 2016  I  Opera House Bonn, Germany News & Upcoming Contact Contact Read more Read more Read more Read more Read more Read more Read more Read more See more See more Find more Find more